Tinting & Refacing

Tinting & Refacing

Specialist Brick Services

Often situations arise where it is necessary to reduce the stark difference in appearance between new and existing brickwork. It is possible, using specialist dyes, to pre-tint to give the appearance of bricks that have been laid for many years. The dyes used are permanent and will not run. Frequently used tints include shades of green, where damp and shade have encouraged moss and lichen growth, and black where soot and other pollutants have tarnished the brickwork. Natural weathering will still occur, with tinting provides a bridging solution until this occurs.

Refacing is most commonly undertaken during the production of plinth bricks, as the original face of the brick has to be cut away to provide the angle. An extremely durable and weatherproof bonding material is smoothed over the cut having previously been mixed with dyes to match the existing brick colour, this is then dusted with a grade of sand specially selected to match the texture of the original brick.

We aim to offer a fast turnaround for this service, as those bricks are often urgently required.

Please note: this service can be provided using HG Matthews bricks or bricks provided by the customer.

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