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Brick glazes were a prominent feature of brick design from the Tudor to Georgian periods. This was due to wood being the primary fuel used in brickmaking and the fact that wood produces a natural glaze when bricks are fired in the kiln. From the mid 19th Century onwards, coal generally replaced wood with coal itself eventually being superseded by oil and then gas. None of the subsequent fuels produced a natural glaze in firing due to the different chemistry in their combustion. When restoring or extending old properties it is often extremely difficult to obtain glazed bricks to match the original, and on new builds glazed bricks are often desired to enhance the beauty of the building, or to create a traditional look.

We have revived woodfiring in order to reintroduce these lost products, and many glazing requirements can be met with bricks produced using the original techniques. However by using contemporary methods we are also able to supply a wider range of glazes than were traditionally available, providing designers and architects with a wider palette of colours and textures for use both internally and externally.

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