Specialist Brick Services

Cut and Bonded Specials

Many yards have abandoned the production of standard and bespoke specials in order to focus on mass production of standard bricks on an enormous scale. Our specialist brick services department has emerged to provide the solution to this problem.

When there is insufficient lead time to make specials via the traditional moulding process, we can cut and bond from our own bricks, but more often we are asked to produce specials from other manufacturer’s bricks where they are no longer produced.

Architectural Glazing and Tinting

Another specialisation that we cover is the production of a range of glazed bricks either for the matching of old brickwork or where a bespoke effect is desired in new buildings. We also offer a tinting and refacing service to enhance the accuracy when matching with weathered or aged brickwork.

The combination of all these services under one roof means that we can usually deal quickly and efficiently with most specialist brick requirements.