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New Build Systems

New build systems

We have married our blocks with other natural building materials to bring you two different methods of constructing your new home. Both new build systems use minimal materials to create a very simple wall detail which is easy to build and easy to design with.

We are happy to assist with:

  • Designing/Specification/Detailing
  • Estimating
  • Contractor training
  • Engineering
  • On and off site training


The second method uses our Hempcrete blocks as insulation together with a glu-lam or solid timber frame (such as an oak frame) as the load bearing structure. The frame is erected first with the hempcrete blocks wrapping around the outside 20mm from the back of the frame. The two are tied together using stainless steel wall ties screwed to the frame and built into the mortar joints of the hempcrete blocks.

Internally the blocks are plastered with lime or clay leaving the feature frame completely exposed. Externally the blocks are rendered in lime or clad with timber or masonry.