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Terratherm Blocks

Terratherm Blocks

Natural Building Blocks

Insulating blocks or slabs of straw and clay. Terratherm blocks are extremely low density with similar insulating properties to sheep’s wool.

They can be used as infill insulation between the studs or joists of timber framed buildings or internal walls.


Thermal Insulation between the studs, rafters or joists of timber frames.

Acoustic insulation between the studs of internal walls


Extremely low embodied energy

100% natural healthy materials (link to benefits of building with earth page)

Easy and quick to install

Extremely good thermal insulation

Standard 575mm x 600mm x 100mm
575mm x 600mm x 140mm
375mm x 600mm x 100mm
375mm x 600mm x 140mm
Bespoke sizes available on request

Density- 200kg/cubic metre

Thermal Conductivity – 0.0397W/m.k

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