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Natural Building Blocks

Natural Building Blocks

With a range of natural building blocks from structural to non-structural (insulating) internal walling blocks and new build systems, we are confident that we have developed a perfect solution where building materials are to be scrutinised for their embodied energy, sustainability and performance.

In developing a range that includes both structural and non-structural earth blocks, and complemented byour earth and lime mortars and renders, it is our aim to provide the materials and expertise to assist you in you natural building project.

Non-structural earth blocks

Our non-structural earth blocks are primarily used for the construction of internal walls and as the external wall insulation in timber framed buildings and include:

Hempcrete blocks, made with Hemp and Lime are essentially  a three-in-one earth block.

Hempclay blocks made from hemp and clay can be used in conjunction with any type of timber frame where they provide the insulation and the backing for plasters.

Light Earth blocks; a medium density thermal and acoustic insulating block of clay and straw.

Terratherm blocks made with clay and straw are extremely low density with similar insulating properties to sheep’s wool and are excellent as acoustic insulation between the studs of internal walls.