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H.G.Matthews New Build Cream Mortar

H.G.Matthews New Build Cream Mortar

Lime Mortars and Renders

A pre-mixed hydraulic lime mortar and render using local aggregates including flint fleck for the authentic look and small amounts of our own crushed brick aggregate making it truly bespoke. Our cream mortars are very pale buff in colour.

Our New-build mortars are eminently hydraulic making them perfect for new build projects or where working in colder temperatures is unavoidable.

H.G.Matthews hydraulic lime mortars are specifically formulated for ease of use with our traditional bricks.


Brick laying mortar

External Render

Internal hydraulic lime backing coats


Authentic look with flint fleck

Consistent mortar quality and mix ratios

Excellent workability



Vapour permeable

Easy to use, saves time, just add water

25kg Bag

Reaches M2.5 (class iii)  at 28 days and M5 (class ii) at 91 days.

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