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Crushed Brick Aggregate

Crushed Brick Aggregate

Lime Mortars and Renders

Crushed brick powder:

Crushed brick powder can be used to colour lime mortars and renders and also as a weak pozzolan.

Our crushed brick powder is available in 850kg bulk bags and 20kg tubs.

Crushed brick 0-40mm:

Crushed brick has many uses:


Green roof growing medium

Soil improver

Limecrete aggregate

Our crushed brick is available in bulk bags or 25kg sacks.

Decorative crushed brick aggregate 0-4mm:

Crushed and sieved brick aggregate used as a decorative addition to lime mortars and renders. We have sieve sizes of 0.25mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm and can sieve between any two of the sieve sizes.

Our decorative crushed brick aggregate is available in bulk bags or 20kg tubs.

Crushed brick powder bulk bags 850kg
Crushed brick powder tubs 20kg
Crushed brick 0-40mm sacks 25kg
Crushed brick 0-40mm Bulk bags
Decorative crushed brick aggregate tubs 20kg
Decorative crushed brick aggregate Bulk bags

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