Authentic bricks

The Woodfired Range

Woodfired Bricks

These bricks are ideal for the highest end new builds and for conservation work on buildings predating 1850 when the switch to coal as a fuel generally occurred. Natural glazing occurs as a result of wood being burnt at high temperature.

Colours are determined by the location of the brick in the kiln and the firing temperatures they reach. The colour of the brick ranges from orange where the bricks are set at the edge of the kiln and temperature reaches around 900°C, to brown where the bricks are set to the centre of the kiln and the temperature reaches up to 1200°C. The glazing occurs where the bricks are in direct contact with, or are close to the flames.

Our sample panels include all colours from our range but are laid into the following styles:

Tudor style brickwork (with double struck profile)

Jacobean style brickwork (with an over hand struck profile)

Georgian style brickwork (with tuck pointed profile)

Tudor style brickwork (with exposed aggregate joint)

Victorian style brickwork (with weather struck and cut joint)

Stuart style brickwork (with white pencilling on ruled joint profile)

Early Georgian brickwork (headers with ruled profile)

Handmade large Imperial 230 x 110 x 74mm
Handmade Imperial 230 x 110 x 66mm
Handmade/Machine Made metric 215 x 103 x 65mm
Handmade/Machine Made 2” 215 x 103 x 50mm
All sizes nominal

Compressive Strength (BS EN 772-1: 2011) – 18.1 N/mm2

Water Absorption (BS EN 772-21:2011) – 14%

Initial Rate of Water Absorption (BS EN 772-11:2011) – 5.5 kg/(m2.minute)

Soluble Salts (BSEN772-5: 2001) – S2

Frost Resistance (prEN772-22) – F2

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