Handmade Bricks

The Bucks Multi or Chesham Multi as it is also known, is a blend of the full range of colours within the kiln, from orange to brown.

Colours are determined by the temperature the brick reaches during firing, this varies considerably depending of the location of the brick within the kiln. The bricks which are set at the edge of the kiln where temperatures reach around 900°C will be orange, at the centre the temperature reaches up to 1200°C and results in a brown brick, the middle ranging colours come between these two limits.

In order to ensure consistent and even colour blends all our bricks are re-blended by hand after being removed from the
kiln. This gives greater consistency of colour with our standard ranges and also enables extremely accurate matching to existing brickwork.

Images shown are for guidance only, actual colours may vary.

Handmade large Imperial brick 230 x 110 x 74mm
Handmade Imperial brick 230 x 110 x 66mm
Handmade metric brick 215 x 103 x 65mm
Handmade 2” brick 215 x 103 x 50mm
All sizes nominal

Compressive Strength  (BS EN 772-1:  2011):

Light Multi:        19.2 N/mm2

Multi:                  23.7 N/mm2

Dark Multi:        35.0 N/mm2

Grey Brown:      50.3 N/mm2

Chalfont Red:    33.7 N/mm2

All bricks are frost resistant (F2) and effervescence is nil to slight (S2)

Images shown are for guidance only, actual colours may vary.

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