HG Matthews Brickworks

Bricks are the only construction element that, in most cases, will never be changed. Along with the architecture, bricks define a building’s quality and beauty. But with bricks typically accounting for less than five percent of the build cost, quality does not always need to be compromised by financial considerations.

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A comprehensive range 

Our re-introduction of the woodfiring process ensures our range of bricks to be one of the most comprehensive in the market. Our bricks are perfect for high end new builds, extensions, conservation and restoration, and our woodfired bricks also enable authentic matching of pre-19th century buildings.

What makes our bricks unique

While investing in some of the latest technology in order to remain efficient we have vehemently maintained the essence of what makes our product unique. We act to keep the hand making skills alive as well as firing in traditional updraft Scotch kilns which are fundamentally unchanged in design since Roman times. Above all what makes our bricks unique is the clay they are made from. This clay, found only in the Chiltern Hills, has been used for centuries because of the beautiful colours that it lends to the finished brick. It is hard to find and extract as it is only found in small isolated pockets thus making very large scale brickmaking impossible in this area.

More than just one type of brick...