Freshly fired bricks still stacked as they were set in the kiln An HG Matthews brickmaker preparing the mould with sand ready to add the clay in the process of making handmade bricks

Traditional handmade bricks since 1923

Henry George Matthews established the brickworks that bears his name in Buckinghamshire, England almost a century ago. The traditional techniques that he used have been passed on to his descendants who still run the works today.

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Our woodfired brick enable ultra-authentic matching of pre-19th century buildings.


Bricks handmade using traditional methods and techniques by people who care about quality.

Machine Made

Our authentic brick matching service makes our machine made bricks perfect for most builds.


Bespoke bricks and tiles for interior and exterior glazed work in all forms of architectural design.

Fireplaces & Stoves

Our wide range of traditional and contemporary fireplace surrounds and stoves.

For the past, the present and the future

While investing in some of the latest technology in order to remain efficient we have vehemently maintained the essence of what makes our product unique, keeping the hand making skills alive as well as firing in traditional updraft Scotch kilns which are fundamentally unchanged in design since Roman times.

Since 1923

Established in 1923 by Henry George Matthews, the 3rd generation of the Matthews family now run the brickworks.


We innovated our brick drying process and became the first brickmaker utilising Biomass.

The Environment

In an energy intensive industry we constantly look to use renewable sources of energy and lessen the impact on our landscape.