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H.G. Matthews - traditional brickmaking since 1923
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Glazed bricks - set your work apart

For hundreds of years, glazed bricks were an accidental by-product of early firing methods yet became a decorative enhancement to brickwork. Beautiful examples of this can still be seen in many villages and market towns.

By the twentieth century kiln designs had changed and glazed bricks were no longer produced, so their use inevitably died out. After years of development, these bricks are now being made again in commercial quantities by H.G. Matthews - and are virtually indistinguishable from the original product. As well as glazed bricks H.G. Matthews also produces glazed headers and salt glazed bricks.

Today, this renaissance is invaluable to building conservationists and creative builders who find glazed bricks a desirable addition to quality brickwork.

It's the detail that creates original and desirable qualities in a building
H.G. Matthews supplied glazed headers for the diaper patterned walls at Mapledurham House

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