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Flint is found in abundance in the Chiltern Hills and consequently has been used for thousands of years for building in this area. It is an incredibly durable material and will out last any civilisation that chooses to build with it!

As flint is a natural material it has no impact on the environment in it's use or disposal. When you also consider how attractive flint looks in buildings, it truely is a wonderful building material that is worth the extra time and investment needed, due to the skills required to build with it.

H.G. Matthews uses chalk flint, field flint and knapped flint (also known as napped flint).

Brick and flint is a beautiful combination and can be used decoratively or structurally on a building. For aesthetic as well as structural and environmental reasons we recommend the use of lime mortar with flint work.

An excellent publication on the use of flint can be obtained from The Chilterns AONB.

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