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H.G. Matthews - traditional brickmaking since 1923
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Proud of our conservation work

Our hand made bricks are considered to be amongst the finest available. They are ideal for restoration work and we have served many prestigious heritage sites throughout the country.

Wood Fired Bricks

Our bricks are used in both traditional and modern buildings, and for conservation work by bodies such as the National Trust.

Our building conservation work includes:

Mapledurham House
Mapledurham "the maple tree enclosure" appears in the Doomsday Book and provides a fine example of our specialist work. The requirement, 13 chimney stacks that needed restoring and re-instating with special feature courses, flaunching and corblings. We also supplied glazed headers for diaper patterned walls, non-standard facing bricks in different sizes and shapes and special flared black/grey headers.

Rycote Park
This private house needed replacement glazed header bricks for its diaper patterned exterior wall, a new walled garden, the re-instatement of brick and timber barns. We have also supplied angle bricks for bay windows and frogless mason cut bricks for special feature work.

Hampton Court
Our Chalfont Red facing bricks were used as rubbed quoins during the restoration of Hampton Court's main gate.

Our company has a long standing relationship with Chequers. Over the years we have made bricks for the rebuilding of it's magnificent chimney stacks, detailed feature work and large copings for the restoration of the estate walls.

Distinctive building and conservation work demands the use of high quality hand-made bricks
A rich range of multi colours handmade bricks

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