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H.G. Matthews - traditional brickmaking since 1923
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H.G. Matthews bricks are used to repair and extend some of the most prestigious buildings in England. In order to be able to offer truly authentic bricks for this purpose we decided to produce a range, fired in open clamps, using wood as the fuel. This method of production dates back to the 18th century and with the assistance of Dr.Gerard Lynch (www.brickmaster.co.uk) we were able to bring over expertise from Colonial Williamsburg (www.colonialwilliamsburg.com) the largest living history museum in the United States where wood firing was still demonstrated to enable us to relearn this ancient technique.

Wood firing produces subtle colour variation as well as beautiful glazing which can be a perfect match for historic buildings. Wood also has the advantage of being a renewable form of energy and our wood is sourced from our own managed woodland where we replace all trees that are felled for fuel.

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