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H.G. Matthews - traditional brickmaking since 1923
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Local materials of the highest quality. Hand-made and machine made processes

Hand made bricks

Buckinghamshire, with its distinctive geology, is famous for it's bricks. All our clay is still dug from original deposits around Bellingdon and from nearby Chalfont St. Giles.

It is this indigenous clay, the temperature of firing and the type of kiln used that is responsible for the subtle changes in the colours of our handmade bricks.

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One opportunity to get it right

Building with the right bricks immediately upgrades the finished look of a building and complements the setting and landscape. This not only adds value immediately, but enhances the future value as good materials improve and mellow with age.

Look at the majority of buildings and you'll see bricks are the dominant mass, making a fundamental difference to the finished effect, yet they typically account for less than 5% of the total building cost.

Making the right choice of facing bricks is vital. They are the one building element which once in place, cannot be changed.

Compressive strengths
19.2 N/mm2 Light Multi
23.7 N/mm2 Multi
35.0 N/mm2 Dark Multi
50.3 N/mm2 Grey Brown
33.7 N/mm2 Chalfont Red
Standard brick sizes
Hand made large Imperial 230x110x74mm
Hand made Imperial 230x110x66mm
Hand made/Machine-made metric 215x103x65mm
Hand made/Machine-made 2" 215x103x50mm

All sizes are nominal. All machine-made and handmade bricks are frost resistant and effervescence is nil to slight.

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