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H.G. Matthews - traditional brickmaking since 1923
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A proud tradition in brickmaking

H.G. Matthews is a family run brickworks producing traditional hand-made and machine-made bricks, in Buckinghamshire England. The business was founded in 1923 by Henry George Matthews and is still run by his decendants today.

Like most industries brickmaking has seen production concentrated in fewer and fewer, but much larger factories. Smaller brickworks have closed by the hundred since the second world war. This has led to a sad decline in local character and distinctiveness of buildings, with rustic bricks being replaced by those that are mass produced.

H.G. Matthews has managed to thrive despite this trend as our consistant service and quality have meant that our bricks have always been in demand. We have retained our traditional skills and techniques enabling our bricks to be used with confidence in high-end new builds and also in the conservation sector.

By choosing our bricks for your project, you will add value to the building and create something with distinctiveness, character and beauty which will be admired for generations to come.

H.G. Matthews works in close association with many companies as part of their high quality service to their customers:

H.G. Matthews Fireplaces - Fireplace and stove specialists.

James Elliott - Stonemason.

Lillyfee - Wood carving.

Hammer & Tongs - Blacksmiths.

Dr Gerard Lynch - Historic brickwork consultant.

EcoRight - Lime based building product suppliers.

Brickmaking shed and digging clay the hard way.

Handmade bricks on outside drying hacks

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